13 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas For The Cat (Or The Cat Lady) In Your Life

I have a cat named Paul and he is, completely unironically, my best friend (and, according to his cat tarot, my soulmate). When I’m not with Paul, I think about being with Paul. When I am actually with Paul, I think about what I can do to make him love me even more. Namely: What I can buy him so he never, ever leaves.

Cat lovers know and cherish the mercurial nature of their furry friends. One second, Paul can be nestled into my neck, purring with the ferocity of a tractor, and the next, he can latch his jaws onto my hand and kick his backlegs until I yell, “Mercy!” Cats, am I right? It may not sound healthy, but I know he loves me. Maintaining that truly remarkable relationship, however, requires the normal amount of bribery.

Below, I’ve put together the perfect cheat sheet into your cat’s good graces: treats and toys. These pet supplies will arrive anywhere in the continental United States within two days, making them the perfect last-minute present ideas. Here are 13 gifts for either the cat or the cat lady in your life.

1. Vivipet - Big Head Water Bowl

product purple-big-head-water-bowl-14061 swgsom

Shop Now: $34.99

There’s no better way to impress your cat than by calling them a big head. No, I kid. This cat-shaped bowl is ergonomically constructed to fit your cat’s (big) head perfectly. The ceramic bowl reduces any mess made from eating or drinking and is raised for maximum comfort.

2. Yeowww - Crayola Crayon Catnip Toy

product crayola-crayon-catnip-toy cmfrib

Shop Now: $10.99

Feed your cat’s inner artist (and catnip addiction) with these fun Crayola catnip toys. Made with durable cotton twill, the red, blue, and yellow primary color crayons will keep your cat occupied for days on end. And, thankfully, you don’t have to wash any of their creations off your walls.

3. Max Bone - Alva Felt Cat Cave

product alva-felt-dark-gray-cat-cave ijtrwd

Shop Now: $95

There’s legitimately nothing better than gifting a cat a quiet place where they can sit back and observe the room. This luxurious felt cat cave is the perfect bed for your curious friend. And, with a diameter of nearly 20 inches, this plush sleeping space is also suitable for chonkier inhabitants.

4. Ellie Baba - Organic Catnip Pumpkin Pie Toy

product organic-catnip-pumpkin-pie-cat-toy qujqkw

Shop Now: $6

The time between Thanksgiving and the holidays is well known as eating season, and your cat should be a part of the fun. You may not be able to spoonfeed large amounts of pumpkin pie into your cat’s mouth without making them sick, but this cute little catnip toy will make them feel like they’re a part of the party. And this party is always hungry.

5. Yeowww - Catnip Tub

product yeowww-organic-catnip-2-oz-tub-7407 iexuml

Shop Now: $7.99

Of course, catnip toys are super cute and really fun for the whole cat fam… but there’s something about going straight to the source. Sprinkle this high-grade, organically grown catnip on just about anything and watch your cat go crazy over it. This is strong stuff and your pet will thank you for it after a long week.

6. The Rover Boutique - Newport Bow Tie Collar

product newport-handmade-plaid-fabric-collar-large edrd4a

Shop Now: $39

Your cat may not be the biggest fan of collars, but when they’re this cute, it doesn’t matter. This stylish plaid (and removable) bow tie will elevate your cat’s look for any occasion. Handmade from heavyweight webbing and reinforced with double stitching for durability, the collar will have your cat feeling (and looking) like a million bucks.

7. Vivipet - Under The Sea Toy Box

product under-the-sea-cat-toy-box-14048 zmnmqd

Shop Now: $19.99

This toy extravaganza comes with six separate ocean-inspired toys to play with, keeping your cat interested for longer than just a few seconds. Sprinkled with catnip (of course) and made with premium felt, these toys are designed to be used in multiple ways. The box comes with a hook to hang any of the fun toys on your keychain, which means it can either be a gift for you, the cat, or the both of you.

8. Cat-Man-Doo - Freeze Dried Treats

product life-essentials-freeze-dried-wild-alaskan-salmon-treats-5-oz-14038 x8sccf

Shop Now: $19.99

Toys are fantastic and all, but any true cat lover knows the key to their furry friend’s heart is through their stomach. This single-ingredient snack, made from wild Alaskan salmon, is served as crunchy fish cubes. Gluten-free and healthy, they can be served by themselves or can be sprinkled onto wet or dry food for a little appetite advancement.

9. ViviPet - Cat & Dog Sunglasses


Shop Now: $5.99

These adorable cat & dog sunglasses are perfect for any shade your cat might be bringing into the holiday season. These specs are made from plastic and alloy metal and will have your cat looking like the feline John Lennon. I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy if my cat looked like any member of the Beatles – even Ringo. (JK, especially Ringo.)

10. Petion - Ironscoop Litter Scoop

product ironscoop-litter-scoop jzlbld

Shop Now: $19.99

This holiday season, give the gift of something truly practical. Who cares if it has to do with poop? This ergonomically designed litter scoop optimizes litter box cleaning time with sifting holes on every side. Made from stainless steel, this scoop works with almost all types of litter on the market, including corn, tofu, or clay.

11. ViviPet - Snowball Tofu Cat Litter

product snowball-tofu-cat-litter-14049 cwlkk3

Shop Now: $29.99

A lot of different types of litters tout themselves as the best, but this tofu litter actually backs its claims up. Made from natural soybeans, the litter is actually food grade — but that doesn’t mean you should eat it, just that you can. Environmentally friendly with no chemical additives, this 20-pound litter bag also truly blocks odor. You both need some of this.

12. Cat-Man-Doo - Bonito Sprinkles Shaker

product easy-pour-bonito-sprinkles-shaker-25-oz nkxij9

Shop Now: $4.99

This gluten-free, dairy-free, single-ingredient product is designed to make your cat healthier. The bonito sprinkle can serve as either a healthy meal topper or even an appetizer for your hungry cat. Conveniently crushed and easy to sprinkle over foods, this grain-free product is free of fillers, meaning your cat will like it as much as their vet does.

13. ViviPet - Cloud Silicone Feeding Mat


Shop Now: $16.99

Feeding time can be a mess for even the most sophisticated of cats. This flexible and soft feeding mat is designed to go under your pet’s food and water bowls. Its stain- and odor-resistant fabric make it a must-have in your kitchen. Simply just wipe it down after a meal and you’ll keep the food station looking clean — and cute.

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