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Like pet insurance, but better.

Keep all your pets protected — no matter their age, breed, location, or preexisting medical conditions — for a flat $19/month.


What’s Included?

Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

Get $3,000 for a pet medical emergency.

Multi-Pet Protection

Multi-Pet Protection

Cover up to 6 pets at no extra cost.

24/7 Vet Access

24/7 Vet Access

Talk to a vet anytime, anywhere.

“I have two dogs and pet insurance quoted me $215 a month for basic coverage. $19 a month to keep BOTH my pets safe is truly a lifesaver.”

Lewis D.

New York, NY

The New Way To Cover Your Pet

Pawp Emergency Fund

Your Emergency Fund covers any serious, unexpected situation in which your pet requires immediate medical attention. Learn More

$3,000 Emergency Fund

$3,000 Emergency Fund

Get up to $3,000 for a pet medical emergency one time per year.

No Deductible, No Copay

No Deductible, No Copay

Your fund covers your bill at the vet & you never need to pay us back.

What’s The Difference?

Pawp vs. Pet Insurance

98% of pets in the US are uninsured, even though emergency vet bills can cost anywhere between $250 - $8,000. Why? It’s too expensive.

Pawp believes no parent should go into debt trying to save their pet’s life.

Shield with a paw on it

Traditional Pet Insurance

Monthly Premium


$40 to $100

Multiple Pet Coverage

Up to 6 pets

0 - 10% Discount



$250 - $2,000



10 - 50%


At the clinic

10 - 20 working days

Dr. Laura Robinson, DVM
Antonio Animal Hospital

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Our Vets Are Specialized In Emergencies

“Pet parents can finally get real vet advice — after hours and without the bills — with Pawp's 24/7 Clinic.”

What our members are asking about?

  • Clark has trouble staying on his feet right now. He’ll go potty and then just kinda fall over. Is this normal?

    Jerome & 🐶 Clark

    Charlotte, NC

  • How many hours a day should my dog sleep?

    Nat & 🐶 Simone

    Los Angeles, CA

  • My cat keeps meowing when I’m in the kitchen and I’m worried that I’m not giving him enough food.

    Larry & 😸 Ruffles

    Nashville, TN

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