The New Face Of Pawp: A Personalized Health Plan For Your Pet

Hello again!

I am writing to you with some exciting news regarding the next evolution of Pawp’s incredible journey. My mission in starting Pawp has always been to create a space where there are no bad options — somewhere you didn’t have to wonder whether the reviews were fake or the ingredients were safe. Your pet’s health has always been at the core of what we do. Today, we amplify that message.

We are launching a preventive health plan for your pet. The goal is simple: to give your dog or cat the longest, healthiest life possible. We worked with numerous vets and behaviorists to cover the major health categories — supplements, Rx medications, dental chews, and hygiene products. You tell us a little about your pet’s health goals, and we use our proprietary vet-backed technology to personalize their plan. This also includes optimizing for how much they’ll need as well as how often they’ll need it.


The need to establish a sustainable routine that keeps our pets happy, healthy, and sane doesn’t stop here. That’s why we’re also launching the Pawp Clinic, a digital space that will allow you to receive personalized at-home virtual care and communicate with a certified vet 24/7 (included free of charge). No more guessing, endless internet searches, or expensive trips to the vet.

There’s a reason vets don’t love working with some of the bigger names in the pet space. We don’t shy away from science or scrutiny. Pawp believes knowledge is power and informing your pet’s health choices will help feed the ultimate goal: giving our best friends the long lives they deserve.

I invite you to take a look at the new face of Pawp, which is currently available for dogs only (cats coming soon!). Build your pet’s Pawp plan and be the best pet parent you can be.

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