Our Story

Nice to finally meet you. After getting lost one too many times in the aisles of big-name pet stores and wasting way too many hours searching Internet black holes, we thought it was time for a better solution. That’s why we started Pawp—a better way to shop for your pet. We only recommend the good stuff that we’d use ourselves. Because we believe that a four-legged friend is only happy if his two-legged friend is, too.

Our Values

How we pick our partners

Ingredient transparency.

Between pet supply superstores and dozens of new direct-to-consumer brands, figuring out what to buy for your furry friend can be pretty overwhelming. Just because the space is crowded doesn’t mean you have to drown in it.

Craftsmanship & Innovative Designs.

Our brands tend to be small- or medium-sized companies whose products are handmade with a lot of TLC. When it comes to products for your pet, those made with in quality over quantity in mind tend to be best. That said, all of our brands are just as good lookin’ on the inside as they are on the outside. Sure, pretty products are great, but if something can’t survive a little bit of tough love, we won’t sell it to you.

Forces for good.

We make an effort to work with brands that also have a mission of being socially responsible. And, needless to say, care about animals just as much as we do.