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Organic Catnip Pineapple Toy

Made with love by Ellie Baba Designs

Let's get tropical!


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A handmade pineapple kicker toy that combines the fun of a catnip kicker and a ribbon teaser. Made with a bright and cheery pineapple print, 8 strands of ribbon, and organic catnip.

  • Length: 6 in., Width: 2 in., Ribbon Tail: 6 in.

Ribbon, Organic Catnip, Thread, Cotton Flannel, Hypoallergenic Fiberfill.

Ellie Baba Designs

Kristina, the founder at Ellie Baba, handmakes all of the toys herself. The nip inside is always organic, the toys are adorable, and each one is one-of-a-kind.

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