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Mini Kitten Bowl

Made with love by ViviPet

Designed to prevent whisker & stomach stress.


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A ceramic kitten bowl designed to prevent whisker & stomach stress with its unique curvature design. Safe for humans to use for holding sauces and snacks. ##### Details * Lead-free * Dishwasher and microwave safe * Easy to clean * Made to USA and FDA standards ##### Dimensions * Length: 4 in., Width: 3 in., Height: 1 in.

Model here is: @matilda.and.co



ViviPet’s ceramic cat bowls and modern cat feeders won’t cramp your style. They’re modern, ergonomic, and easy to clean. Vivi, the founder, started the brand in loving memory of Tax, her cat who passed from feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Now, the brand donates 10 percent of their profit to FIP research.

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