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Olive Cotton Collar, Small

Made with love by Found My Animal

Individually numbered and stamped to remind us of the uniqueness of our animals.


Size: Small

Color: Olive

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A handcrafted waxed collar made with 100% cotton and coated with animal-safe wax for increased strength and protection. Top-stitched for extra durability with industrial contrasting thread. Attached to each collar is a stamped FOUND tag to celebrate adopted animals and their people. ##### Sizes * Small (Weight: 5–12 lbs., Length: 9–12 in., Width: 1/2 in.) * Medium (Weight: 12–30 lbs., Length: 10.5–13.5 in., Width: 5/8 in.) * Large (Weight: 30–40 lbs., Length: 13.5–18.5 in., Width: 7/8 in.) [How should I measure my pet? ](https://help.pawp.com/en/articles/3388959-how-should-i-measure-my-pet "How should I measure my pet?")


Found My Animal

Found My Animal products are handmade and hand-dyed with love in Brooklyn, NY by Bethany, its founder, and inspired by her mutt, Walter. Every product is one of a kind and totally utilitarian while still looking adorable. All products are made from fisher rope and most are adjustable. Found My Animal also promotes animal adoption.

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