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Arm & Hammer Slide Multi-Cat Easy Clean-Up Cat Litter, 19-lb

Made with love by Arm & Hammer


Size: 19-lb

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NO SCRUBBING OR SCRAPING YOUR LITTER BOX. • Non-stick litter slides right out of the litter box • No more scraping or scrubbing with EZ clean technology, patent pending • Patented Clump & Seal™ technology seals and destroys odors before they can leave the litter box • 100% dust-free • Rock-solid clumps for easy scooping • 7-day odor-free home, guaranteed • Designed to control odors in homes with more than one cat

Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer has helped families for more than 170 years with all household tasks, all the way from personal care to pet care. They believe that a happy cat is a happy home (who can argue with that?) - so they formulated clumping cat litters with some of the most advanced odor control!

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